Simultaneous interpretation

Not sure whether simultaneous interpretation is really what you need? See Interpretation - how does it work? for more information or get in touch with us for personalized advice.


In most situations, simultaneous interpretation involves a soundproof booth. In some cases, however, a booth is not an option. Please refer to our page on whispered interpretation for more information.

A team of interpreters work in a soundproof booth. The interpreters hear what is said in the room in their headphones and interpret it instantaneously. As a result, the participants can follow what is being said in the room perfectly, but in their own language.

  • No time loss: a free-flowing discussion can take place without language barriers
  • Great for small-scale events, but a must for most large-scale events
  • Many languages can be interpreted simultaneously
  • The number of listeners is unlimited
  • We are happy to arrange the appropriate booth and equipment for you

Watch our video clip to get an impression of how simultaneous interpretation from a booth works.



Do you need simultaneous interpretation for your virtual conference? See our page on remote interpretation for more information and do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made solution.


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