Whispered interpretation

Not sure whether whispered interpretation is really what you need? See Interpretation - how does it work? for more information or get in touch with us for personalized advice.


(Simultaneous interpretation without a booth)

See our page on simultaneous interpretation from a booth if you are looking to work with a booth.

The interpreter is located among the participants and interprets the speaker's words, at the same time as he speaks, into the ear of a maximum of two listeners. If there are more than two listeners, a tour guide-type audio set is used: the interpreter speaks into a microphone and the listeners receive the interpretation through headphones.

  • May be suitable for a small group of listeners
  • In situations where a booth is impractical or where the participants move from place to place
  • No time loss for the listener, but if he/she wants to take part in the discussion, their contribution will have to be interpreted after they speak (i.e. consecutively)
  • Not suitable for all venues
  • The noise of the interpretation may disturb other participants



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